A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Business Process Automation

November 15, 2022 Clark Ames

A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Business Process Automation

With 63% of businesses saying that automation helped them through the pandemic, companies of all sizes are starting to realize the effect that BPA has on productivity.

Before seeking opportunities to automate processes within your company, you need to understand how BPA works. For example, what are the different types of business process automation?

Keep reading to learn more about how your business processes can benefit from automation.

Types of Business Process Automation

If you’ve been thinking, what is business process automation? Also referred to as BPA, this technology is used to complete repetitive and manual tasks.

You can automate processes like sending out emails. Or you can use other, more complicated business process automation software for workflow programs.

Business process automation aims to increase the speed of tasks, accuracy, and reliability. Therefore, companies need to use these tools if they want their business to be modernized for the digital age.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is commonly used for automating simple tasks that don’t involve multistep decisioning. You can use RPA for basic data collecting and reporting statistics. If you’re just beginning with business process automation, this is a great place to start, and it can be used for small, simple tasks in a company.

Intelligent Automation

The next step up from RPA, intelligent automation, is used for more complicated tasks that are not routine or carried out daily. That means it can be used to gather structured and unstructured data. This is the best business process automation choice if you’re looking for automated help with more complex aspects of your business.

Workflow Automation

For businesses, workflow automation software is excellent for optimizing productivity and streamlining internal processes. A workflow structure allows automation to replicate and complete human tasks faster and more efficiently. So, it can help businesses meet their goals and achieve more sales.

Why You Need Business Process Automation

Another reason to use business process automation is that it saves you money, and you can access complex data quickly. This helps you move forward with market insights and provide better service to your customers. And it takes the pressure off your employees so they can focus on other work tasks that don’t take up as much repetitive time.

Join the Automated Future of Business

When you use business process automation, you can cut costs while being more efficient, so your team can dedicate their time to more strategic endeavors. You can use either RPA, Intelligent Automation, or Workflow Automation. The choice will depend on the goals for your company, and we’re here to help with whatever you decide.

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