Haystack consultants bring broad industry experience, deep expertise, and a passion for creative collaboration to every project. Our combination of technical excellence and innovation transforms ideas into success.

No walls. No red tape. Our clients work directly with the Developers building their product. This Haystack standard builds trust, improves communication, and produces the best quality application every step of the way.


Every project begins with in-depth discovery. First, we build understanding of your target users: how do they work and what are their pain points? Then, we design a process around your goals: what are the business objectives, what are the risks, and how can we measure success?


Rather than marching in circles hoping for perfection, we establish a concrete concept: what is the Minimum Viable Product required for launch? We transform user flows into wireframes, ideas into design. With continual input from stakeholders, we build technology and integrate solutions.


Once we have a baseline in place, we add features and test them in real time. We iterate the solution with real-world inputs, creating smart improvements that lead to long-term stability and enhanced results.


Our team commits to getting your solution right the first time, but we never settle for good enough. We keep learning, keep testing our assumptions, and keep improving your solution so it never grows stale, gets old, or stops meeting your needs.



Haystack is a certified Minority-Owned Business (MBE) that provides reliable software solutions for websites and web-based or mobile applications. Our US-based team’s expertise and customer service is unparalleled, serving small businesses, nonprofits, and enterprise clients across the country. Contact Us

The Heartland (IND)

735 Shelby St
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Indianapolis, IN 46203

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The Valley (PHX)

2801 E Camelback Rd
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