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Your off-the-shelf, SaaS, and perhaps custom software solutions helped build your business – but now you’re in growth mode. You need to automate, disparate systems need to talk to one another, Sales needs access to real-time inventory levels, Accounting needs to know when the warehouse shipped to generate invoices, you get the drift.

Your business can’t continue to grow and scale with all of these manual processes in place, and mistakes are starting to happen.  You need to figure out how to integrate your systems. The good news for you is that almost any software can be integrated.  Let’s dig in.


API Integrations (Application Programming Interface)

APIs allow multiple systems and applications to work with one another for more efficient workflow.  Our software developers are adept at both developing custom-built APIs as well as integrating existing third-party APIs into your custom software.

Data Integration Services

We can help set up a data warehouse where data needs to be moved through an ETL process from production system to the storage system, including Cloud-based storage such as AWS and Azure.

Enterprise SaaS Integrations

As we develop your custom software we can integrate any current or desired existing SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms your business uses or needs, such as:  CMS (Content Management Systems), Digital Marketing Tools, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems, eCommerce, Accounting, Business Intelligence, Reporting &  Analytics Tools, and more.  Popular integrations include Salesforce, Quickbooks, Memberclicks (see Integration Case Study), Okta, Shopify, ServiceNow, and Zscaler.

mobile app development


Implementing a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System

Disparate data sources and databases need to be connected

New SaaS adoption

Migrating from a Legacy System

Digital Transformation Initiatives

Consolidating business processes

Advanced Business Analytics & Reporting

Cloud Migration

Modernizing data warehousing

Third-party services utilization (ie. shipping, payment processing)


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Align your business objectives with your data and software environment. We build solutions optimized for speedy data retrieval, configuration flexibility, and allow you to quickly scale and integrate new functionality both directly, via API, and through custom middleware components.

Shared Database

We help organize your data across various databases allowing multiple applications to access data from a single source.

Process Automation

Throughout the process we ensure manual tasks are eliminated where possible through Process Automation methodology.


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