The Importance of MVP in Mobile App Development

March 17, 2022
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March 17, 2022

Mobile App Development MVP

What are MVP’s (Minimum Viable Products)?

An MVP is a method of developing software that defines a bare minimum set of functionalities (features, behaviors) that solve a specific problem and allows companies to study the user’s experience with the app. It can also be used to validate an idea in the marketplace.

In short it’s a stripped down, bare bones, scrappy version of your big idea so you can test and validate before making a huge commitment. In some cases it can be used to prove adoption and secure funding, in other high-risk applications it can be used with a select set of users to identify potential concerns early on in the process.

This first version lacks bells and whistles and focuses solely on the features that offer value to the users.

Why are MVP’s important in the mobile app development process?

An MVP of your mobile app has many important benefits, giving you the ability to:

  • Test market demand
  • Prove adoption
  • Helps prevent unnecessary and unwanted feature creep
  • Provides essential early feedback
  • Test in real market conditions
  • Reduce uncertainty of product failure
  • Collect maximum learning from minimum resources
  • Validate or invalidate assumptions
  • Helps to reduce costs, resources, and time

MVP Design Process

Assuming you’ve done your research to determine market need, nailed your value proposition, and determined your MVP’s priorities it’s time to start the design & development process.

  1. Map out User Flow
  2. Design Wireframes
  3. Backend Coding
  4. Designs

User flow example

user flows

Wireframes example


Backend Code example

backend coding


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