Custom Software Integration

AADOM: MemberClicks Integration


AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Management), and their various internal management teams, uncovered a need to better manage their database of prospective leads and clients. Their current system, MemberClicks, was only a partial solution for them based on the function of their sales team, so they partnered with Haystack to develop a more efficient and scalable solution.

MemberClicks was AADOM’s association management tool that held all info related to contacts, vendors and leads. In order to utilize SaleForce as a better tool to track this information, we needed to migrate the data between the two systems.

Project Solution

As we began our testing, we noticed that it took hours to export the data we needed. By using the MemberClicks desktop application, we were able to write efficient, optimized SQL queries to get the data. We would then use the robust SalesForce CSV import tool to import the data in a matter of minutes versus hours. This was repeated until we had successfully pulled all the information for each record.

It was through a deep understanding of how the MemberClicks records were stored that we were able to develop a solution that satisfied the needs of the AADOM team.

project rundown


    American Assn of Dental Office Mgmt (Red Bank, NJ)

  • DATE:

    August, 2020


    Atlas Desktop (A MemberClicks Product)