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Phat Scooters: Golf Calculator


Did you know that switching from traditional golf carts to scooters can drive revenue for golf courses and promote social distancing while golfing? Neither did the Haystack team until partnering with Phat Scooters to build a ROI (return on investment) calculator to show golf course managers just that.

The Phat Scooters team approached Haystack with the idea to create a calculator that allows course managers to create a report, customized to the details of their course and pricing structure, that details the return on investment when switching to the innovative Phat Scooters HD Golf scooter. Understanding that course managers often work with other course stakeholders, Phat Scooters wanted to generate a custom one-sheeter that could be shared with decision-makers.

Project Solution

Partnering closely with Phat Scooters sales, marketing and design teams, Haystack created an interactive calculator that looks and functions well on both mobile devices and desktops. After a course manager enters their course information, the calculator quickly shows them statistics regarding their return on investment.

Behind the scenes, the course manager’s course information is added to Phat Scooters CRM to help Phat Scooters better serve them and better understand the state of the golf course industry. While that is happening, the system is simultaneously generating a personalized PDF using DocRaptor’s PDF generation service then triggering a custom email workflow to send the course manager their results. Built on AWS using Lambda functions and Amazon’s CloudFront CDN, the services that handle all this functionality can scale up and down quickly, keeping costs low by scaling based on demand.

project rundown


    Phat Scooters (Phoenix, AZ)

  • DATE:

    September, 2020


    Klaviyo Email Marketing Platform
    DocRaptor Document Generation API
    Amazon Web Services